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Announcement: ORP Winter 2018 Protocol Submission Deadlines

To accommodate the University’s winter holiday closing schedule, any submission (new, modification, renewal) requiring 2018 protocol review by the University Park IACUC must be received by the Office for Research Protections (ORP) on or before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 21, 2018. Full information about ORP's winter 2018 IACUC submission deadlines is online at and information about ORP's normal IACUC deadlines is online at

The IACUC submission deadlines for Penn State Health and the College of Medicine will continue to follow the normal schedule online at

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Announcement - CATS IACUC General Release

The general release of CATS IACUC (, a new online system replacing PRAMS and paper forms for animal care and use submissions, is effective as of 12/26/2017 for Hershey researchers and 1/2/2018 for all other Penn State researchers. As of these dates:
  • The requirement for triennial/de-novo renewal submissions to be submitted in CATS IACUC ( will continue.
  • New animal protocols must also be submitted in CATS IACUC (
  • NOTE: All New and triennial/de-novo submissions for Preserved Animal protocols will continue to be submitted in PRAMS (for non-Hershey researchers).
  • All annual renewals and amendments for protocols currently approved via paper forms (Hershey researchers) should continue to be submitted using paper forms available on the Hershey Infonet IACUC web site.
  • All annual renewals and amendments for protocols currently approved via PRAMS eSubmission should continue to be submitted in PRAMS.
Remote and in-person CATS IACUC training is available and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEW USERS.

Additional information, including for CATS IACUC training, is online at (for Hershey researchers) and (for all other Penn State researchers).